Argentium Silver Earwires (Add-On Option)

This listing is for a pair of our signature hand-crafter 20 gauge argentium earwires, to be added to any earrings that may come without them, as an upgrade.

These earwires are made carefully one at a time, by heating one end of the wire until it melts into a ball, cleaned, work hardened, and polished to a high shine.

If purchased at the same time as a pair of our enamel earrings (which come with hypoallergenic niobium earwires), the earwires will automatically be upgraded to these argentium earwires.

These earwires can also be purchased a-la-cart, to upgrade any earrings in your collection for a super affordable price. They can be easily installed by gently twisting the hoop open with chain-nose pliers, and closed again just as easily. Never open the hoop by pulling the hoop open- always twist.